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Stump Grinders are the most common and most effective way to remove a stump. A stump grinding machine mechanically grinds the stumps below the soil line. This process is eco-friendly.  The remaining underground portion of the stump if any is left is typically 4 to 10 inches below the soil surface. The grinding machine does not damage your yard like a backhoe or dozer.  It does leave a hole where the stump used to be and is usually back filled with the mulch of stump grindings and soil mixture. If the customer desires the hole may be filled with fresh top soil. Taylor Stump Grinding can also remove the grinding mulch or apply it elsewhere on the property if that is what is required for the job. Stump grinding does not take the entire stump out but this method typically kills the stump. In some cases a spout may appear along feeder roots.  Mowing and/or the application of herbicide will kill the new sprouts if they do occur.   This is rarely a problem as a ground stump has no canopy of leaves to feed nourishment down into the ground.

Taylor Stump Grinding uses a Commercial Vermeer SC252 Grinder that will access hard to get to areas through as small an opening as a 36” gate.  It does the job fast but speed is based entirely on the size of the stump.  Typically a 30” stump as measured across the widest point at ground level can be ground down in less than one hour.   Large feeder roots that need to be ground also will add additional time to the grinding process.  It is important that the stump to be ground is described accurately to the grinder operator when getting a quote. Things like feeder roots or stumps near foundations, stumps in flower beds and other unusual situations may add time to the grinding process.

It is also important to tell the grinder operator if there are pipes or cables buried near the stump.  Stumps with metal embedded in them such as a pipe fence post cannot be ground as it will damage the grinding machine.  Stumps growing out of a small diameter hole in concrete cannot be ground either as the machine will hit the concrete.  Typically it is necessary to have 24 inches of clearance around the stump and the stump being accessible for the machine to approach it from one or more sides.  Prior to grinding stumps need to be cut low to the ground with a chain saw.  Stumps that are less than 12 inches tall can be ground with greater efficiency and at lower cost.

Grinding the stumps not only improves the looks of the lawn but it makes it easier to mow.  It also removes one of the problem areas that lawn pests can use for their home and nesting.  We all know how termites and ants like old stumps. Give us a call we can make the stump go away!!!

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Take a look at what we do on the job. These pictures show actual stumps being ground. We start with a stump and turn it into mulch.

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