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Why Use Recycled Granite

Author: Anonymous - 29 June 2012

Recycled granite back splash ...

If you are shopping for a new kitchen backsplash, then we would like for you to consider using recycled granite.  You may be asking yourself, Why Use Recycled Granite? 

First the various color combinations are very beautiful and can easily be coordinated with almost any color of countertop.  A recycled granite backsplash can have many different colors of granite out of the same color pallet.   You can use accent colors to pick out hues in you countertops that you want to highlight.

Using recycled granite as a backsplash is relatively new, so you don't have to worry about seeing your backsplash in every new home that you go into.  You will have a conversation piece that tells a story about you and your concern for Oklahoma's environment.

By working with granite fabricators in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Recycled Stone has literally kept tons of waste granite from entering our Oklahoma landfills.  With your purchase of our split stone backsplash you will be helping this cause.

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